Spring Teen Retreat Online Registration

General Instructions

1. One registration form with payment will be required per camper.

2. Registration will need to be completed to the end of all steps before the next camper can be registered.

3. On line registration can only be completed with FULL PAYMENT for a retreat at camp.

There will be no capability to use a credit card on site on the day of registration.

Step 1 – Registration Form

Fill in all applicable spaces on the registration form using the “Tab” key to move through the form. Use the “Enter” key to submit the registration form.

Step 2 – Pay Pal Payment

Verify retreat selected for camper on Pay Pal web site and follow their instructions for completion of payment.

Step 3 – Registration Acknowledgement

Once you have registered you will receive an email from us acknowledging we have reserved a spot just for you!  If you do not receive this notification within 14 days please call 770.536.4787 or email us at camphopega@gmail.com.