Youth Conference

Open to Ages 13 – 22 years of age

Speaker: Jeff Rickert & Jon Kever

September 2-4, 2017


Jamie & Collette Wolfgram


The Youth Conference is geared for young people ages 13 – 22 years of age. It is a Bible-teaching weekend filled with intense instruction from God’s Word as well as opportunities to interact with others in many fun activities or just hanging out and relaxing with opportunities to discuss lessons learned from the weekend. The Youth Conference mission is to present any young person with the abundant life found in a personal, real relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, equipping them to apply this gospel to their daily lives and circumstances so that they can make a difference in their homes, schools, and communities.

Dress Guidelines

Camp Hope Dress Guidelines In order to insure that clothing worn by both campers and staff will contribute to the spirit of camp in a positive way by being modest and acceptable, the following guidelines are provided. Remember, what you wear impacts others!

Note: The Camp Hope staff reserves the right to ask any camper to change their clothing if it is deemed inappropriate.

(Updated 12/2012)



Not allowed:

  1. Spaghetti straps; straps must be 2” wide or t-shirt worn underneath.
  2. Halter or strapless tops.
  3. Midriff tops (must cover stomach w/arms extended over head).
  4. Low-cut tops (front and back) – no cleavage visible.
  5. See-through tops.
  6. Derogatory logos, pictures or writing on clothing.
  7. Cutoff t-shirts.


  1. Should be one-piece modest bathing suits with no cleavage visible and with modest cut for top of leg area.
  2. No Tankinis swimsuits are permitted.


  1. Shorts must be of proper fit (not too tight) and no shorter than longest finger when hanging at your side (Approximately mid thigh). Knit cheerleader shorts will be allowed if they meet the above requirements.
  2. No hip huggers that reveal skin.
  3. No pajama pants outside of cabin.
  4. No super skinny jeans, yoga pants or leggings worn alone.




  1. No derogatory logos, pictures or writing on shirts.
  2. Shirts should not be too tight.
  3. No cutoff t-shirts.
  4. Shirts must be worn at all times outside of the cabin except for sports when given permission and when swimming.

Pants and shorts

  1. No sagging pants. Pant must be worn at the waist.
  2. No boxers visible.
  3. No pajama pants outside of cabin. Sunday Morning Attire Appropriate shorts or pants & shirt. Tie is not required

Age Requirements

13-22 years of age by September 1 of the current year

What to Bring

Bible, notebook, flashlight, linens (flat sheets) and blanket or sleeping bag, clothes for a full week*, pillow, towels, washcloth, toilet articles, sweater/jacket, one piece modest bathing suit, clothes for dress up banquet, small electric clip fan.

Optional: musical instrument, fishing pole & tackle, spending money for camp store and daily canteen.

Drop Off – Saturday Registration 12 – 2 pm (No lunch is provided)

Pick-Up – Monday 11:30 am (No lunch is provided)

Youth Conference Brochure

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Paper Registration

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